Why use FirePlayer?

While YouTube is known for its community, it’s not always the most accessible place to lay back and watch videos. FirePlayer is different in that it focuses on video consumption.

That means slick style elements to draw you into content within the comfort of an application. YouTube is prone to changing things around quite often--whether that means looping videos that won’t stop, or features that you have to figure out how to turn off or on.

FirePlayer is different.

It simply works.

Can I search for my favorite content creators?

Not only can you find your favorite YouTubers through the app, but you can also use it as a normal media viewer like the popular VLC media player app.

What’s the cost?

FirePlayer is completely free!

Ok sounds good. It’s like YouTube, but not… so what?

FirePlayer brings you the amazing content created on YouTube but it has some backbone of its own! FirePlayer is an optimized application that contains hardware acceleration that lowers CPU usage and saves your battery life when watching videos.